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Có nên vay FE Credit không? FE Credit lừa đảo là sự thật?

Up to the present time, FE Credit is a large financial company with a large scale of operations throughout the country. Obviously, with popularity comes a lot of talk and questions like Should I borrow FE Credit? are not? Is FE Credit scam real? Let’s find out more details with in the article below.

About FE Credit Finance Company

FE Credit Financial Company is known as a financial business unit, specifically in the lending sector. The predecessor of FE Credit was the consumer credit division (under the management of Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank -VPBank) and then, in February 2015, FE Credit appeared with an independent legal entity bearing a new brand name. is Vietnam Prosperity Banking One Member Limited Liability Company.

: Có nên vay FE Credit không? FE Credit lừa đảo là sự thật?

About FE Credit Finance Company
About FE Credit Finance Company

After more than 7 years of steady operation, FE Credit has grown strongly with a total charter capital of more than 7 billion dong. In addition, according to financial statistics, disbursement growth of FE Credit will reach 65% in Q4 2021. This result shows the potential for exceeding growth.

Most of FE Credit’s partners are large companies and corporations that have trusted and used FE Credit’s services such as: Cash loans, car loans, insurance loans, installment loans, etc. in addition, these services are strictly controlled according to the provisions of law; Therefore, the activities of FE Credit and its partners are protected by Vietnamese law.

Information about loans at FE Credit

As the unit of choice in the financial lending field, FE Credit offers many consumer loan services to the market, meeting the consumer and business needs of customers with the following advantages:

Advantages of borrowing money from FE Credit
Advantages of borrowing money from FE Credit

Customers who need a loan at FE Credit do not need to prepare cumbersome administrative procedures, do not need to prove their income, do not need to submit salary statements, do not have to verify their workplace or residence, etc.

Clear and transparent information

Customers when using one of FE Credit’s services are provided with information about loan limits, reasonable loan terms, monthly payments, etc.

Attractive interest rate, flexible loan term

Obviously, when borrowing, customers are concerned about interest rates and FE Credit understands that big concern of customers. Therefore, FE Credit has offered attractive fluctuating interest rates along with flexible loan terms to facilitate customers to quickly access loan packages to quickly solve financial problems.

Should I borrow money from FE Credit?

Are many people interested in whether to borrow money at FE Credit? To answer this question, customers themselves need to understand the reputation of the FE Credit unit as well as understand the loan packages, interest rates, and limits to suit their own borrowing needs.

Accordingly, customers need to consider comparing and contrasting loan forms, considering debt repayment ability through interest rate calculation to determine whether they are suitable to use FE Credit’s services or not.

Is FE Credit scam information true?

First, the interest rate of FE Credit is considered to be reasonable and very attractive, and all information about loan packages is publicly and transparently disclosed by this unit, so there are certainly no tricks or traps. . Moreover, the interest rate applied to each loan package is calculated by the FE Credit system each year so that borrowers can easily compare and consider before borrowing.

Besides, the number of customers sticking with FE Credit over the years partly proves that this unit is really reputable and a reliable address. Specifically, out of nearly 11,000 addresses, FE Credit has received the needs of more than 7,000 customers and devoted themselves to helping with financial problems for this customer file.

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Thus, the unit is strong in financial potential and is a partner of many large companies – these evidences have partly solved the question “Is the fraudulent FE Credit information true?”.

Types of loans at FE Credit

To be able to access money, customers need to know what loan packages FE Credit has to choose a loan to suit their needs.

Unsecured loan according to salary

Unsecured loans according to salary at FE Credit
Unsecured loans according to salary at FE Credit

The type of unsecured loan at FE Credit supports customers who are working and receive monthly salary but need to borrow money. This form of loan helps customers access a loan limit of up to 70 million VND, and the loan term is also up to 36 months, while attractive interest rates range from 1.66% per month.

At the same time, customers who want to borrow unsecured salary at FE Credit only need to meet the following simple conditions:

  • Minimum monthly salary is from 3 million VND.
  • Worked at the agency or company for more than 3 months.
  • Male and female in working age, age from 20 to 60 years old.
  • Payroll and pay slips available.

In addition, the advantages of the salary loan package at FE Credit that customers cannot ignore are: No need for borrowers to have collateral, no guarantor, no need to pay service fees, information. Customers’ loans are secured, the procedure is simple, and the disbursement is quick after only 24 hours if the application is approved.

Borrow according to account statement

Accompanying the unsecured loan package, FE Credit has an additional loan package according to the account statement with a loan limit of up to VND 50 million, a flexible term from 12 to 36 months with an interest rate of about 1.66% – 2, 95%/month.

When meeting the following conditions, customers can easily access the loan package according to the account statement:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen between the ages of 20 and 58.
  • Ensure regular transactions for bank accounts.
  • Bank account balance in accordance with loan conditions.

Borrowing under a life insurance policy

Borrowing under a life insurance policy
Borrowing under a life insurance policy

This is considered an attractive loan package because FE Credit will give preferential treatment when lending up to VND 70 million, regardless of life insurance type, no need to mortgage assets, no need to prove income. …

Customers aged 20-60 when participating in life insurance for more than 6 months of any unit operating in Vietnam can access this loan package. At the same time, the ability to get a loan is quite high, along with a repayment period of 6 -36 months, which is the advantage of this at FE Credit.

Loan according to vehicle registration

If customers are not eligible for unsecured loans according to salary or loans under life insurance contracts, customers can find out the loan package according to the vehicle registration of the owner.

Accordingly, the loan limit can be up to 50 million VND and depends on the value of the car (the car needs to be worth more than 15 million VND) but the interest rate is only about 2.27% per month.

Borrowing under other credit contracts

Borrowing under other credit contracts of FE Credit is the form in which customers can borrow money under previous loan contracts of other credit institutions or banks.

To be able to borrow in this form, customers need to go through 4 payment periods without delay at the old credit institution or bank. However, with an interest rate of up to 2.97%, many customers need to consider this loan package even though it allows customers to borrow up to 70 million VND.

Borrowing according to electricity bill

FE Credit’s product that allows customers to borrow under electricity bills will apply to the person named in the electricity bill without requiring that person to be the head of the household.

Accordingly, customers borrowing through this form will access the maximum loan limit of VND 50 million without proof of income, without needing to mortgage assets.

Borrow by phone sim

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Mobile phones have become inseparable from many people. And owning a genuine phone sim card (Viettel, Mobiphone, Vinaphone) also gives you the opportunity to borrow up to 50 million at FE Credit.

No guarantee, no need to mortgage assets, quick procedures, simple conditions will help customers access capital in this loan package. At the same time, the period from 12 to 36 months is quite flexible to help customers pay the loan within their ability.

Borrow over credit card limit

With convenience, credit cards can also accompany you in accessing credit card loans with FE Credit.

However, with the feature of consuming first, paying later, customers need to consider carefully when choosing this loan package, in order to avoid disadvantages if spending does not have a specific plan.

Loan interest rate at FE Credit

There are many cases where customers borrow money but do not know what the loan interest rate at FE Credit is? Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary situations, customers need to pay attention and ask the consultant to answer and clearly advise on the loan package interest rate before signing the contract. For example, currently at FE Credit, the interest rate for unsecured loan package is 21%/year, in addition, products of electrical appliances, refrigeration, etc. are enjoying an interest rate of about 0%.

Accordingly, the interest rate at FE Credit is usually determined in two directions: the interest rate based on the decreasing balance and the interest rate based on the initial outstanding balance. According to experienced people, these two methods of calculation are not much different, but there are differences. Therefore, customers need to learn carefully and check for sure by calculating the amount of interest to be paid at the public interest rate based on supporting calculation tools.

The safest FE Credit loan experience

Loan packages at FE Credit can be easily accessed, but customers also need to have a safe loan experience here. Let’s find out the following experiences are summed up right here:

The safest FE Credit loan experience
The safest FE Credit loan experience

Read the contract carefully before borrowing

In fact, before signing any type of transaction contract, customers also need to carefully read the contract, especially when it is a loan contract. Before you sign, you need to carefully read the contract and consider your ability to repay, the interest rate offered by FE Credit compared to your current situation and whether you and your family can meet it. At the same time, the timing of the contract reading is important because it will either help you solve the problem or further drag you into a financial predicament.

How to calculate FE Credit loan interest rate?

To avoid potential risks, customers need to know and calculate the loan interest rate of FE Credit to be proactive in borrowing and paying interest.

Borrow only the amount you need

In fact, borrowing when needed, but few people know that borrowing enough money is the secret to borrowing money safely and effectively. The loan also depends on the amount of money the customer needs to use along with the corresponding interest rate, so to avoid paying interest on unnecessary amounts, customers should only borrow the amount according to their needs.

Have a clear repayment plan

As mentioned above, borrowing and paying requires careful planning and consideration. In addition, having a clear repayment plan will help you leisurely deal with financial problems. On the contrary, when you do not have a clear plan, you easily fall into overdue status, causing interest rates to change, which will cause you to fall into a crisis and sink into a debt mess.

Always keep payment receipts

The payment receipt is like a proof that the customer has fully complied with the regulations with FE Credit. Therefore, you need to keep the receipt as a basis to help control when there is a problem.

Beware of the activity of impersonating Fe Credit to lend money

Taking advantage of FE Credit’s reputation, many subjects impersonated, advertised and claimed to be FE Credit units to defraud customers.

On websites, you can find information such as switchboard numbers with high calling costs. If you are in a hurry, do not learn carefully, borrowers easily fall into the scams of these objects. Therefore, customers only contact FE Credit with the correct information:

  • Address: 1st Floor, 144 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website:
  • Hotline: 1900 234 588 – 1900 6535
  • Email:
  • Zalo:
  • Fanpage:


Thus, this article has discussed more deeply around financial borrowing at FE Credit. Hope the above useful information can help readers solve the problem Should I borrow FE Credit? are not?

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